Prestige Protocol began in 2014 as a modest Minority-Woman Owned Small Business entrepreneurial venture by its Founder and Principal Consultant, Mina Martinez, with a thoughtful, diverse approach and careful planning educating children, teens, college students, young professionals entering the workforce and adult professionals on business manners and etiquette and international protocol.  Face-to-face instructor-led classes for a fun and interactive program to create effective conversation and interaction skills. A variety of seminar and workshop topics to include Do’s and Don’ts, table manners, increase confidence and leadership skills and awareness of the benefits of Professional Business and Dining Savvy to prepare them for future life success. Etiquette based business ranges from simple to elaborate dining tutorials, depending on the customer’s request for a business, dining or social event, including tips on special events etiquette traditions.  We explore cultures from around the world, tea, and wine sommelier, and themed tea time so that participants would have an experience they would always remember.